Radiation Therapy Salaries

Radiation therapist salary information is usually not posted in the job description but will be disclosed at the end of the interview process. Since radiation therapists must undergo a specialized training program in order to use high-energy radiation equipment on patients, radiation therapy salaries are typically higher than the average medical technician salary. These therapists are highly skilled members of a cancer treatment team and are responsible for administering the necessary radiation treatment prescribed by a radiation oncologist. Learning about the average radiation therapist salary in your area and reviewing job description requirements can help you decide if this is the right career path for you.

Average Radiation Therapist Salary

The average hourly rate for a radiation therapist ranges from $24 to $40, and overtime rates range from $36 to $54.

The average radiation therapist salary, including annual bonuses and profit sharing plans is $48,000 to $84,000. The majority of radiation therapists work in healthcare facilities, outpatient radiation therapy centers, hospitals, health clinics and cancer research centers. Those who work in healthcare organizations and hospitals can earn up to $42 per hour and typically earn higher than average radiation therapy salaries over the course of their careers.

In order to command a higher radiation therapist salary, you will need to have between one to four years of experience. Only about 12% of radiation therapists in the workforce have less than one year of experience. The salary package typically includes medical, dental and vision insurance.

There is potential for a radiation therapy salary increase if you pursue a supervisor position or complete necessary education and training to become a chief radiation therapist. Radiation therapy salaries for a chief radiation therapist range from $61,000 to $111,000. Another career path for those who have completed radiation therapy training is to become a radiation therapy dosimetrist. Average salary ranges for this field range from $55,000 to $114,000.

Factors that Affect Radiation Therapy Salaries

A number of factors affect radiation therapy salaries. For example, radiation therapists who live in rural areas typically make less than those that live and work in a metro area or busy city. Radiation therapy salaries are competitive and most therapists are employed by hospitals, cancer treatment centers, university medical centers and private clinics.

The following factors typically affect the range of radiation therapy salaries:

  • Level of training completed
  • Type of radiation therapy program completed
  • Location of the employer
  • Type of employer
  • Any advanced training or degrees completed
  • Years of experience in current or related field
  • Bonuses and profit sharing programs offered by the employer

Earning potential in this field is relatively high compared to other medical technician career paths, and those who have several years of experience will typically earn a higher radiation therapist salary overall. Taking advanced courses and completing training programs listed on the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and American Society of Radiologic Technicians can put you in a better position to earn a higher than average radiation therapist salary.